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High Flying Action

Our programs are designed to make the best most qualified, confident students! 

Modern Studio

We train in a professional setting with Instructors that are really invested in the students at our school.

Children are taught to be more Confident, Disciplined, more Assertive all in a Fun and Exciting atmosphere.

Adults are welcomed to the most intensive, educational, workout they've ever experienced.

Our Philosophy

At American Tang Soo Do Karate we are a traditional Martial Arts school. We pride ourselves in making a more Confident, more Disciplined student, capable of defending themselves from bullies no matter where in life you may find them. 


Kevins Mom

I took my son to several other karate schools before finding American Tang Soo Do. The romper room attitude of most other karate schools with the constant push for longer terms and more money was downright insulting. Every class they would ask my kid for referrals? What is that? Not at American Tang Soo Do Karate. Monthly terms, Instructors that want to make their students good along with a great atmosphere. Forget the rest, this is the best.

Devins Mom

Amarican Tang Soo Do Karate could not have been more helpful to my son at a very difficult time in his life. He will never forget the caring and guidance he received. Bullying stopped, grades improved, confidence higher. Life in general got better after gaining the confidence he needed at American Tang Soo Do Karate

Jeffreys Mom

I cannot express enough how grateful my family is for finding American tang Soo Do Karate and Master William Ott for our son. If you want the best karate school around, look no further

Will and Katherines Mom

My kids being at American Tang Soo Do Karate was the best education they could have received. 

Master William Ott took the time with my kids and it is something I will never forget.

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American Tang Soo Do

1801 N. Broad St. #16, Lansdale, PA 19446, US

(215) 740-1336


Monday - Friday: 1pm - 9:30pm

Saturday: 9am - 3pm

Sunday: Closed