MAY 2018

May 15th - Tournament Camp Tuesday 9:00am-3:00pm 

Cost $30.00 per person

Get ready for tournament, 

Weapons, Forms, Fighting

Get good Fast!

May 19th Montgomery Couny Karate Championships

Mandatory Event!

Event Information will be posted at the School

May 20th-Shirts on Sale

Shirts for the Summer will go on Sale 

Look for Sign-up Sheet

JUNE 2018

Sunday June  3rd Tournament

New York State Martial Arts Championships

Let Master Ott know if you are interested.

June 9th -Blackbelt Test

Blackbelt and Gup testing in Lansdale Site TBA

June 18th-Camp

1st week of camp sign-up sheets will be posted. 

Mon-Thurs. 9:00am-3;00PM

$130.00 per person per week

 for only 1 week

$110.00 per person per week 

for both weeks

Very popular event

June 25th-Camp

2nd week of Camp

JULY 2018

To be announced


August 13th-Camp II

1st week of End of Summer Camp Sign-up sheets will be posted

August 20th-Camp II

2nd Week of End of Summer Camp


September 15th-Gup Testing

Gup Testing to be held in Lansdale Site TBA


Octber 20th-American Tang Soo Do Karate Championships

Mandatory Event!

Weapons, Forms, Fighting

Pennfield Middle School Lansdale

Information will be posted