Special Training

Private Lessons

Private Lessons for help with Forms, Fighting, Weapons, get ready for testing or tournament or just help in general are available by appointment for $35.00 per 1/2 Hour. Call or talk to Master Ott to set an appointment  

Private New Weapons Form

Weapons are only taught at Camp or in a special group setting. This sometimes leaves busy adults at a loss for weapons training. Once they have the form they can train as needed, but getting the form is a problem for some. So I decided to offer special one time new weapons training. 

Weapons are taught as follows, beginners orange belt through green belts will be taught Bong Hyung Il Bu.

Red Belts will be taught the first half of Tae Pyoung which they can also use in competition. 

Blackbelt will be taught the second half of Tae Pyoung. You must have the first have of Tae Pyoung to learn the second. 

Bong Hyung Il Bu

The first staff form will be taught in about an hour. this will include all the spins and techniques used in the form.

Cost;  $100.00 includes a brand new Staff.

See Master Ott to schedule your appoinment.

Weapon's Form Tea Pyoung 1st Half, Red Belts

The first half of Tae Pyoung  will be taught in about an hour. This will include all the techniques and spins required for this form. 

Cost $100.00

See Master Ott to Schedule your appoinment.

Tae Pyoung, The Complete Form- Blackbelt Only

This form will be taught in about an hour. You must be very proficient with the first half of this form. This will complete your weapons training with this form.

Cost $100.00

See Master Ott to Schedule your appointment