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Rules & Regulations, Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures

When you register for classes at American Tang Soo Do Karate the basic karate program is 2 lessons a week. You may do more classes with instructors consent and if available at no charge. There is a 30 day notice required to Change or Terminate (Stop) your lessons here. Most schools make you sign up for 6, 12, 18 months or more, and there is no way out! We Do Not! We don’t want to make you pay if you are not happy but do require a 30 day notice so people don’t think they can come and go as they please. Also, if there is a problem please come and see me, I can usually fix anything. There’s always a reason someone quits, let me try to fix it.

Vacations and training interruptions.

 If you go away for vacations you are expected to make up those lessons. No matter how long the vacation. Either come more before and/or after your vacations, just like making up your lessons is required in any school, it is required here. Any questions as to which classes you can come, please see me and I will make arrangements. Even if you have a minor injury and cannot physically train you have to come in and we will have you help in a teaching role until your injury heals. Helping others is also part of the training here and strange as it sounds an injury does provide that experience. If it is a serious injury (as determined by this school not the student) then your payments may be put on hold by us. If for ANY reason you want to stop payment,  you will be resigned at the current rate for new students. Once you sign up here at American Tang Soo Do Karate we guarantee not to raise your membership rate as long as you are a current monthly student. Please be aware if you have a multifamily member agreement rates will fluctuate if a family member leaves. We are LOYAL to our students in that way. No other Karate School or Business for that matter will hold your membership Fees at the same rate FOREVER. But we do. Doing this we do expect the same loyalty back from our students, that's why no agreement will be put on hold. Repeated in and out of the school may lead to termination of the student.


Gup or grade testing is done every 3 months for students that are eligible. A student must have at least 24 classes in between Gup tests white through red belt. That’s twice a week for 3 months. At 3rd Gup through 1st Gup the student that is eligible will test every 6 months. At 1st Gup the student will test every testing as a pretest getting ready for black belt. Black belt test for adults is one year after 1st Gup. Please note we only do Black belt testing in June and December. All fees are due for these tests beforehand and the student will not test if they hand in their paper or fee the day of test.  The student must also make extra classes at the red belt level to help with teaching duties and to learn how to relate their experiences to the newer students. The Red belt student needs 28 classes a month. Children will test less frequently as their maturity and understanding is not that of an adult. Black-belt testing is done after the student is proven and has tested through the gup or color belt ranks. Usually 4 to 41/2 years. Children will test less frequently. Minimum age required for Black-belt testing is 10 years old. Usual time to Blackbelt 5-6 years. Future Black-belt testing will be done as your rank dictates, 2 more years 2nd Dan, 3 more years 3rd Dan, 4 more years 4th Dan etc. and so on. This is providing that attendance is perfect, tournament attendance is adequate, and all other requirements have been met. All testing is with instructor discretion and approval. If anyone has any questions about testing please come and see me.

Uniforms, Gear, Weapons & Training Equipment

All Uniforms, Gear, and training equipment, can be purchased at the school. Only school purchased gear, uniforms, weapons, and training equipment may be used at the school or at school functions. This is for the student’s safety.

  Web Site and Social Media

Please find our web site. There are (2) address’ that will get you to our Web Site, and/or  The web site will have the required terminology for testing and other school related announcements and information. Also please find us on Facebook looking for American Tang Soo Do Karate. Updates, school events, tournament, student pictures and other announcements are frequently put up on our web site and Facebook page. Please check them regularly. Also make sure the school has a current E-Mail address, we send out periodic newsletters and announcements, and a phone number so we can text you at a moment’s notice in case of school closings or other notifications.