Master William Ott 7th Dan Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan

                              Master William Ott

                                 Chief Instructor

                       American Tang Soo Do Karate

January 1982:
 Master Ott begins training in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan at Warminster Karate School Warminster, Pa. under the guidance of Mr. Robert McGovern 

Master Ott obtains 1st Dan from Master Chang Tong In

School is taken over by Master Chang Tong Kuk and becomes Chang Karate.

Master Ott obtains 2nd Dan from Master Chang Tong In

Master Ott leaves training with Master Chang.

Begins teaching at ATSD Academy, Holland, Pa. 

Joins Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation under Grandmaster Kim Jae Joon

Master Ott obtains 3rd Dan under Grandmaster Kim Jae Joon

Begins study under Master Frederick Scott Amkor Karate Institutes Delaware County

Joins International Tang Soo Do Federation U.K. under Grandmaster Lee Kang Uk.

Wins Forms Grand Championship at Giacobbe's 1st Annual All Tang Soo Do Championships.

September 20th opens first school "AMERICAN TANG SOO DO" Roslyn, Pa.

Master Ott has the 1st Annual American Tang Soo Do Karate Championships

Obtains 4th Dan Masters' Rank under Frederick Scott from Lee Kang Uk. 

Wins Fighting Grand Championship at Valley Forge Open hosted by Master Greg Purifoy. 

Coach of the United States Forms Team to Malacca Malaysia Silver Medal

Master Ott Appeared in Black Belt Magazine 10/97 &

Inside Karate Magazine 7/97 

Coach and team member International Tang Soo Do Federation team to Amateur Athletic Union Championships Boca Raton Fla. Silver Medal Team Form. 

Forms Grandchampion Mayday Mayhem Tournament. Only Korean stylist at

All Japanese Event  

American Tang Soo Do Team Coached by Master William Ott wins Grandchampion Cup @ 2000 Mi Guk Kwan Championships, Team Form Disneyland Orlando, Fla.

American Tang Soo Do Team coached by Master William Ott wins team forms Grandchampionship for the second year in a row at the 2001 Mi Guk Kwan. First school outside the Mi Guk Kwan to accomplish a back to back Team Form Grand Championship.

Promoted to 5th Dan Tang Soo Do by Master Frederick Scott, Traditional Tang Soo Do.

Named Member Board of Directors Tang Soo Do Moo Do Association

Under Grandmaster Andy Ahpo.

Opens American Tang Soo Do Philadelphia. Mr. Hans Gochenaur Chief Instructor.

Master Ott Produces a series of Instructional DVD's, White/Orange, Green, & Red Belt DVD's. Covering all technique from White - Blackbelt. 

Opens American Tang Soo Do Montgomeryville.

Master William Ott promoted to 6th Dan Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan

by Grandmaster Frederick Scott.

Master William Ott celebrates his 30th Year in The Martial Arts!

Master Ott serves as  Chairman of the Committee for the 2014 Traditional Tang Soo Do International  World Championships Held at the Loews Hotel Philadelphia, Pa.

American Tang Soo Do  celebrates it's 20th Year!


Master Ott holds

The 20th Annual American Tang Soo Do Karate Championships 


Master Ott promoted to 7th Dan Tang Soo Do MDK by Grandmaster Frederick Scott

Master Ott starts The Martial Sports Foundation a Non-Profit Organization to give students the opportunity to travel, train, and compete at the highest levels.

Master William Ott Celebrates 35th year in the Martial Arts studying Tang Soo Do.


Master Ott has studied with some of the best known and highest ranking  martial artists in the world including KJN Frederick Scott 8th Dan (his Chief Instructor and Influence),

Kim Jae Joon Dan #38, Lee Kang Uk Dan#55, Andy AhPo Dan#10187, Patrick McCarthy, &

Ji Han Jae,  Neil Stellenberg just to name a few.

Master Ott is also well versed in Pressure Point Technique, and Bunkai Interpretation.

Master Ott has also studied Tae Kwon Do and has Honorary Rank in AikiJitsu Jui-Jitsu.
Master Ott is also a Certified E.M.T. (Emergency Medical Technician), Certified Rescuer C.P.R.,