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General Terminology

Name of The Founder - Grandmaster Hwang Kee

Origin of Art - Seoul, Korea

Nim - Sir, Term of Respect

Dan - Degree Holder (Black Belt)

Gup - Grade Holder under Black Belt

Ko Dan Ja - Senior Dan Holder

You Dan Ja - Dan Holder

You Gup Ja - Gup Holder

Kwan Won - Student Member

Cho Bo Ja - Beginner

Dee - Belt

Soo Ji - Hand Techniques

Jok Ji - Foot Techniques

Cha Gi - Kick

Ki Hap - Yell

Shi Sun - Focus of Eyes

Choong Shim - Balance

Chung Kwan - Fore Fist

Cap Kwan - Back Fist

Soo Do - Knife Hand

Yuk Soo Do - Ridge Hand

Kwan Soo - Spear Hand

Jang Kwan - Heel of Palm

O Rin Jok - Right

Wen Jok - Left

Shio - Relax (Rest)

Dwee Ro Tora - Turn to the Rear

Bal Cha Gi Choon Be - Kick Stance

Choon Be - Ready Stance

Il Gup Pil Sar - To End a Conflict With One Blow

Hu Jin - Backwards

Start/Finish Class

Cha Ryut - Attention

Kuk Gi Bay Ray - Bow to the Flag

Ba Ro - Return

Ahn Jo - Sit Down  (not always used)

Muk Nyum - Meditation

Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Yet - Bow to Master Instructor

10th & 9th Gup (White Belt & White Belt w/Blue Stripe)

Name of The Founder Grandmaster Hwang Kee

Name of Our Art -Tang Soo Do

Name of Our Style- Moo Duk Kwan

Studio -Do Jang

Instructor - Sa Bom Nim 4th Dan & Above

Uniform - Do Bok

Senior Member - Sun Beh

Junior Member - Fu Beh

Thank You - Ko Mup Sum Ne Da

Instructor under 4th Dan Degree BlackBelt - Kyo Sa Nim

8th Gup (Orange Belt)

One - Ha Na

Two - Dool

Three - Set

Four -  Net

Five - Da Sot

Six - Yo Sot

Seven - Il Gup

Eight - Yo Dol

Nine - A Hop

Ten - Yol

7th Gup (Orange Belt, One Stripe)

Basic - Gi Cho

Form - Hyung

Sparring - Deh Ryun

Attack - Kong Kyuk

Defense - Mahk Kee

Attention - Cha Ryut

Stop - Goman

Bow - Kyung Yet

Begin - Shi Jok

Return - Ba Ro

Kick - Chagi

No/Don't - Aniyo

Yes - Yee

6th Gup (Green Belt)

Low - Ha Dan

Middle - Chung Dan

High - Sang Dan

Front - Ahp

Side - Yup

Back - Dwi

Ready Stance - Joon Bee

Front Stance - Chul Gul Ja Seh

Horse Riding Stance - Ke Ma Ja Seh

Fighting Stance - Hu Gul Ja Seh

5th Gup (Green Belt, One Stripe)

Low Block - Ha Dan Mahk Kee

Middle Punch - Chung Dan Kong Kyuk

High Punch - Sang Dan Kong Kyuk

High Block - Sang Dan Mahk Kee

Inside/Outside Block - Ahneso Phakuro Mah Kee

Back Kick - Dwi Cha Gi

Outside/Inside Block - Phakuro Ahneso Mah Kee

Side Kick - Yup Cha Gi

Side Punch - Weng Jin Kong Kyuk

Side Block - Chung Dan Yup Mah Kee

Front Stretching Kick - Ahp Podo Oli Ri Gi

Front Snap Kick - Ahp Cha Gi

Side Stretching Kick - Yup Podo Oli Ri Gi

Roundhouse Kick - Dull Ryo Cha Gi

Jumping Front Kick - E-Dan Ahp Cha Gi

4th Gup (Green Belt, Two Stripes)

2 Fist X Low Block - Ssang Soo Ha Dan Mahk Kee

2 Fist Middle Block - Ssang Soo Chul Gun Mahk Kee

2 Fist X High Block - Ssang Soo Sang Dan Mahk Kee

2 Fist Fighting Stance Block - Ssang Soo Hul Gul Mahk Kee

Low Chop Block - Ha Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee

Middle Chop Block - Chung Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee

High Chop Block - Sang Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee

Finger Punch - Kwan Soo Kong Kyuk

Reverse Punch Fighting Stance - Yuk Jin Kong Kyuk

Knife Hand Attack - Soo Do Kong Kyuk

Back Spinning Kick - Dwi Dull Ryo Cha Gi

Inside/Outside Kick - Ahneso Phakuro Mahk Kee

Outside/Inside Kick - Phakuro Ahneso Cha Gi

Hook Kick - Yup Hu Ri Gi

Front Push Kick - Ahp Mee Ro Cha Gi

Jump Flying Side Kick - E-Dan Kong Jung Yup Cha Gi

All Jumping Kicks - E-Dan

Jump 360 Degree Back Kick - E-Dan Sam Yuk Sip Dwi Dollyo Chagi

3rd Gup (Red Belt)

All Previous Terminology Including General Terminology & Start Finish

10 Articles of Faith and Mental Training

Be Loyal To Your Country
Be Obedient To Your Parents
Be Cooperative Between Brothers
Be Lovable Between Husband And Wife
Be Faithful Between Friends
Be Respectable Toward Your Elders
Be Faithful Between Teacher And Student
Be Discreet In Killing
Never Retreat In Battle
Always Finish What You Start

2nd Gup (Red Belt, One Stripe)

Free Sparring - Ja Yu Deh Ryun

Self-Defense - Ho Sin Sul

Breaking - Kyuk Pa

One Step Sparring - Il Soo Sik Deh Ryun

Three Step Sparring - Sam Soo Sik Deh Ryun

1st Gup (Red Belt, Two Stripes)

Meaning of Pyung - Calm, Well Balanced, Peaceful

Meaning of Ahn - Confident, Safe, Comfortable

Meaning of Moo - Stop War , To End Conflict

Meaning of Duk - Way In Which Conflict Is Dissolved - Negotiation, Agreement, War Etc.

Meaning of Kwan - School, Home, Place of Security, Make All Places Feel Safe

Moo Duk Kwan - Institute of Martial Virtue

Meaning of Tang - Tang Dynasty of China - China

Meaning of Soo - Open Hand - Hand

Meaning of Do - Way

Tang Soo Do - "Way of the China Hand" or "Way of the Open Hand"

Weh Jung - External Power - Physical Force

Neh Jung - Internal Power - Mental Focus

Shim Jung - Spiritual Power - Spirit, Determination, Etc.

Black Belt Midnight Blue Belt 1-3 White Stripes

Master Rank -

Midnight Blue Belt with Red Stripe in the Midddle All Around

Characteristics of Passai Form - Fast, Light, Active, The Snake

Characteristics of Nihanci Forms - Sideways Step Advance, Harder More Powerful Form, Heavy Movements, The Horse

Characteristics of Chi Do Form - Advance and Retreat, Very Light Fast Form, The Crane

Sip Soo - The Bear, heavy strong movement

Lo Hai - The Crane, light movement

Kong Sang Koon - The Eagle, Pyhong Ahn were influenced by this form

Sei Shan - Praying Mantis

Wang Shu - Small Bird

Ji On - The Ram, strong direct movement

O Sip Sa Bo - The Tiger, Strong Powerful Movement

Tae Kuk Kwan - Grand Ultimate Fist

So Rim Jang Kwan - Shaolin Long Fist

Chil Sung - Seven Star Forms